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Construction / Development

DICASOL designs and manufactures its molds and casting parts of its customers with years of experience and latest support CAD applications. We place the highest importance on the quality and efficiency of our molds. In the design of casting parts of our customers, we support you with our know-how and provide castings with perfect features. With latest technology and the highest standards, we realize that our customers' needs.

Construction of the casting mold

DICASOL designed high quality die casting molds for zinc and aluminum alloys and injection molds for plastics. In the design of the mold, we place special emphasis on the optimal design according to the needs of the customer. With the aid of CAD systems we construct the molds in digital form. Accompanying the CAD design calculations are performed. Through these calculations, we determine for example, the filling property of the mold, the hardening of the melt and the heat of the molds.

Construction of the casting

DICASOL offers a wide range of services to assist in the design of castings. Primarily, we help our clients to ensure the design suitable for their castings. In the second instance, we ensure maximum material yield and the best part properties. During the development of several CAD applications for analysis and years of experience are used.