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Deburring tools / Cutting tools

Deburring tools are used for deburring of cast parts. They come in post the cast parts are used. Deburring tools with the most inevitable burrs are removed on the cast part, which arise at points where there are moving parts and mold parting surfaces. Usually, the burrs are removed during post processing by hand. But with the help of deburring tools, the cast parts can be removed in a fraction of the time of ridges that would be needed for manual editing.
DICASOL sets in production are almost always a deburring tools. They help us to increase the productivity. For the deburring we increase the degree of automation and remain competitive in the international competition continues.
DICASOL manufactures deburring and on behalf of the customer. Our customers, for whom we make a contract manufacturer die casting tools, we also offer the production of a deburring tool.